No matter how large or small a project, Paragon Landscaping services are happy to help.

Brick and Block Work

Paragon can take on a variety of brick and block work projects including retaining walls, brick paths, rendered block work for a more contemporary feel or maybe a Heritage brick wall or rustic croft stone raised bed would suit your design preferences. With an endless array of products on the market, the possibilities are endless.

Patios and Terraces

Create a seamless connection between your home and your garden. With a large selection of patio styles and types available such as Slate, Concrete, Limestone, Granite, Brick, Sandstone etc, Paragon can create the perfect patio/terrace to suit your home and personal taste. Add a geometric feature, either an octant or a circle, to give your desired patio a dash of individuality.

Decking and Pergolas

Garden decking is not simply the space between your house and the lawn; it can be a vast outdoor room or even a series of rooms that can be used for many functions. The basic pergola design consists of multiple pillars or posts covered with a layer of lattice-like cross beams: in essence, an outdoor room without walls. A pergola could be built over a deck, patio, or lawn, whatever shape, simply for the purpose of decor and shade. When covered in trailing plants, they can be quite beautiful to look at and may provide comfort on very hot, sunny days. Pergolas can also be placed free standing directly next to the house, say, to shade a portion of the walkway up the side of your house or a sunny patio. Talk to Paragon about the options available to you.

Steps and Pathways

Introducing steps to a garden can add interest and practicality to any landscape, especially if your garden is un-level or you want to access a part of your garden thats just been out of bounds. Brick, block or sleeper steps are all options. With endless products, designs and styles available, the options are infinite.

A practical path between the front door and the gate will be well used so needs to be on a firm, level base that is preferably wide enough for two people, a pram or a wheelchair. A more frivolous garden path can meander around flower beds and be a device to draw you towards the delight of a hidden corner or a secluded bench.

A gravelled path in the garden adds a note of elegance, with sharply defined edges, the choice of a straight or curving shape, and that satisfying crunch underfoot. Gravel has practical advantages too: Rain will permeate through it and soak away into the soil. This means that during heavy rainfall there won’t be a problem caused by run-off, when surface water surges directly into an overloaded drainage system. And also, if  you ever decide to alter the garden layout, a gravel path is easily reversible.

Turfing and Hedge Planting

Paragon offer services to restore gardens, hedgerows and other areas. Services include applying grass seed or laying turf on areas of baron land; laying new hedges; planting trees and shrubs, and maintaining existing areas to keep them looking tidy and presentable.


Nothing gives a better first impression of your home than a beautiful driveway. Paragon can build your dream driveway in a variety of styles and materials. A driveway has many benefits including adding value to your home, easy to keep clean, and it provides safe access and easy parking. Your new driveway will be built to last. Paragon use their expert knowledge of soil and landscape conditions to thoroughly prepare your site, ensuring a solid, robust and practical finished driveway.


Fencing is available in a wide choice of styles and sizes.  Fencing doesn’t just have to be functional. These days fencing is used more and more as a design feature. There are now more designs and more colours than ever before. Fences are no longer just an indication of a garden boundary and is now used throughout the garden. Paragon can help you choose the perfect fencing for your garden.


The question most people ask when thinking about including an outbuilding is ‘Do I Need Planning Permission?

The rules governing outbuildings apply equally to sheds, greenhouses and garages as well as swimming pools, ponds, sauna cabins, kennels and many other structures incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling house.

You do not need planning permission to erect such a structure if:-

  • You do not build it forward of the front elevation of the house;
  • It is less than 3m high with a flat roof and 4m high for a pitched roof;
  • Any part of it that is 2m away or closer is less than 2.5m high;
  • The proposal doesn’t involve the need to construct a raised platform more than 300mm high;
  • It will take up less than 50% of the garden area.

From design to build, Paragon can handle every part of your outbuilding project.

Pressure Washing

Have you noticed that your patio or drive way looks like its in need of a good clean?

Using the latest in High Pressure equipment Paragon provide an excellent quality, professional cleaning service for driveway cleaning block paving, patio’s,decking, pathways, forecourts, car parks,  swimming pool areas, conservatories, fascias & most paved and brick surfaces.