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Crown Thinning, Reduction and Lifts

Crown thinning is the process of removing selected branches (usually dead, weak, overlapping and duplicated branches) from the crown of the tree to improve the balance and structure of the tree. Crown thinning lets more light through the branches and ‘lightens’ the tree making it appear less dense and helps by reducing wind resistance.

Aesthetically, there are many procedures applicable dependant on species and personal preference; be it a reduction to increase the stability of your tree or just to decrease shading. Maybe it’s a crown lift or raise your tree needs to regain safe access underneath the crown, freeing up a right of way or driveway.

Sectional Felling and Rigging

Sectional felling or dismantling techniques are used for trees which cannot be felled for reasons of space or proximity to vulnerable structures. There are many different techniques involved and as no two trees are the same our methods always flexible, adapting our knowledge, skills and experience to suit the task in hand.

An appropriate risk assessment will be completed on all sectional operations. If the circumstances require mechanical aid, we hire in cranes and cherry pickers (MEWPS) to help assist us with trees of the larger kind.


When a tree has outgrown its space in the garden, it will need to be reduced in size. It is better to do this sooner, rather than later, as the longer it is left, the harder it is to prune and less likely to recover. Trees also might need to be pruned and therefore reduced in size if they have dead, diseased, crossing or torn branches.

It is usually best to try and keep tree growth under control with regular pruning, but this is not always practical, especially if you inherit overgrown trees and shrubs in a new garden.

Many trees are best pruned in late summer when healing is most rapid: magnolias and walnuts for example. Prunus (cherry) trees are best pruned in mid-summer to reduce the risk of silver leaf disease.

Stump Removal

After any tree operation where the stump is left behind and you feel you require the stump to be removed (but a digger is an inappropriate method of removal) a certified sub contractor will be used to grind the stump with the correct machinery. Leaving your site safe and tidy with a finish of your choice dependant on its position.

Splitting and Stacking

After removal of your tree Paragon also offer a complete on-site wood splitting and stacking service. All wood is split between 10-20 inches in length (depending on your wood burner or fire place) and stacked at your desired location.

I enjoy splitting small to medium sized trees with a traditional axe. If I feel there is going to be more that 2-3 hours axe work, I will use our Pro driver worm splitter via an appropriate tractor for the site location.

Woodland management

The future of woodlands relies on effective management, just as a garden needs constant maintenance and care to thrive. Trees must be thinned to grow well and invasive species like bramble have to be managed so that they don’t dominate other plants.

We have been managing an 8 acre plantation of hard and soft woods for a local farmer for the past 6 years. The specifics of this woodland are to leave the mature more established trees, fell small, unstable and intruding trees and to maintain plenty of game cover.

Storm Damaged Trees

At Paragon we offer an emergency service to remove trees that have suffered damage or have fallen in high winds. We’ll do everything possible to rearrange our schedule to tend to urgent cases, such as where trees have fallen and are blocking access, or are posing a danger to people or property.

Even if the weather is still an issue and winds are still high, we will find a solution to remove your storm damaged tree. We have the expertise, experience and equipment to deal with any issue, however complex.