Complete Renovation with innovation

This one of my biggest projects to date was acquired by recommendation.  My clients wanted to completely revamp their garden ready for Summer.

The first job was to remove the old sleeper retaining wall and rebuild a more substantial wall using concrete blocks laid flat incorporating into it drainage which would then no longer be a worry due to subsidence in the previous wall.  5 steps where then added in the returns to get down to the river from the upper garden.

A priority in the design was to relocate the oil tank which ended up outside the main garden and built to current regulations.  The whole garden was re-fenced in feather edge fence and a 3ft picket fence along the top of the new retainer for safety due to the fall.  The whole terrace was paved in ‘Colonial Brown’ Indian Sandstone.  The far side of the houses ground levels had dropped considerably over time so a raised upper terrace was added to disguise this error and re level the gardens appearance it was also a great addition not only in design but to get an over view onto the ‘Mere’

The rounded part of the second lower terrace was added as this catches the afternoon sun and is again a nice addition to the character of the new garden.