On this project my client was very keen to get rid of the mass of concrete pads taking up most of the garden and soften the landscape by having ground level as one instead of multiple levels throughout.

The color choice on the terrace was an Indian sandstone in Raj Green, two recessed drain covers were incorporated into the terrace.  A dry area for bike and bins was needed to side of property so I made a simple lean too, this was also handy to harvest water for the water butt.

I  disguised the old neighbors shed using baton screening. The old dilapidated fence was replaced with wide board feather edge fencing to give security and privacy from other properties.   The old shed was disposed of and replaced and re positioned in far corner with stepping stones from terrace to it.  Finally I added a flower bed along the fence line and completed the job with fresh turf where once lived hideous concrete.

A complete garden transformation courtesy of Paragon Landscapes.